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      Press Release Distribution Made Simple

      Distribute your news to traditional and digital media outlets using our user-friendly, proprietary cloud based platform.

      Top Stories

      SAVVI Financial Launches New COVID Relief Planning Assistant to Help Americans Manage Difficult Financial Decisions

      May 19, 2020

      FinTech leader offers COVID Relief Planning Assistant for workers facing reduced or lost income

      Blog Image

      Uplift Education takes Senior Decision Day Celebration to a Virtual Platform

      May 19, 2020

      Although the future may look uncertain as campuses across the country remain closed, what is certain is that Uplift Education is preparing its students for success in college and career, especially for first-generation and low-income students.

      News by Industry

      Find press release stories by category or search for the news that interest you the most.

      Press Release Service Pricing


      Mass Media Visibility


      USD / Per Release

      Our premium package distributes your news to PR Newswire’s 4500+ websites for maximum online visibility.


      Integrated Media PRO


      USD / Per Release

      Our most popular package distributes your news to both online and traditional media reaching newspapers and journalists.


      PR Network PLUS


      USD / Per Release

      Our intermediate package distributes your news to Associated Press and additional online media partners.




      USD / Per Release

      Our starter package is ideal for any size business looking to increase their online visibility presence.

      Media Desk for Journalists & Bloggers

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      Get the news stories that matter most with our unique Media Desk.

      Journalists, bloggers, and readers can now access our exclusive Media Desk for enhanced, personalized press release news searching and tracking.

      Agency PReferred Client Program

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      Do you represent a marketing or public relations company?

      Our Agency PReferred Client Program is designed for clients who will be submitting upwards of 10 press releases per week. Receive discounted rates anywhere from 15-40% off our regular retail price.

      Top Stories

      May 19, 2020

      Companies That Have News With Us

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